1. The Messenger

From the recording Bravado

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I am the messenger here to tell you everything has changed
things are movin different now nothins gonna stay the same
everthing is comin loose cant you hear the breakin of the chains
we cant hold on much longer if we do we're gonna go insane

I am the messenger here to ask how much more can you take
keepin up this taxi dance with all those pied pipers on the make
they all promise exctasy in the end all you ever get are fakes
they feed you dirt and misery excuse me I thought you ordered cake

I am the messenger talkin 'bove the pomp and circumstance
I'm gonna shoot it to ya straight soon we'll have'm shakin in their pants
there are no rules so make your play yea every revolution is freelance

I AM THE MESSENGER talkin to you today
I AM THE MESSENGER yea do you hear what I say