Fan Reviews

Pros: John Brannen’s ”Mystery Street”  is a great album. This is an album that I play nonstop. Cons: There are no cons. A great artist, and he has a style of his own. The Bottom Line: John Brannen’s "Mystery Street" is a soundtrack for doing a lot of things.  A writer’s writer, a tale's teller, a poet from the heart. John Brannen has a voice that haunts you vocally. He knows his songs personally and writes from his heart. An awesome album from a man who knows how to tell a great story through the good and bad times in his life. I bought the LP version in 1989 and it helped me to get through some things in my life at the time. A soundtrack for any mystery writer, or writer for that matter. I can relate to his music in any form, from broken hearts to finding highways home, this man wants you to hear what he has to say.  What he has to say comes from the heart. Keep up the work John.
A loyal fan named Robey, Sacramento, California.

I've never written to anyone about their music or songs before. I came across John Brannen's music purely by accident. Since then I have downloaded 4 CDs. I love his music, his voice and the stories he tells. I hear his soul in his music.
Brigitte, San Antonio, Texas

This letter is to rave about "Twilight Tattoo".  I was a big fan during your Nashville stint.  I thought you were the best thing in Country Music at the time. Like a young Steve McQueen in your videos.  "Twilight Tattoo" is a genuine diamond in the rough masterpiece.  Breathtaking , transcendant. Yes, like a Jack Kerouac novel.
Jay, Dinuba, CA